Epoch Studio
  1. Sample ImageIn today's world, neither learners nor tutorials are confined within the walls of a classroom. The computer and the Web have liberated both the teacher and the learner. They meet transcending the limitations of time, space and individual differences.
  2. In the fast-moving progressive world today, CBT and WBT score highly above the other traditional methods of teaching. They have an edge as they maximize enterprise-wide alignment and productivity, while minimizing costs and redundancy.
  3. Epoch Studio works with you as your e-learning partner to design the courses to make learning more convenient and effortless while retaining the focus on dynamism and innovations.
Multimedia Services
  1. Presentations
  2. Mkt. & Exhi. Collateral kit
  3. CBTs & WBTs
  4. E-Learning
  5. Content Localization
  6. eBooks Development
  7. New Media services
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