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Sample ImageCourse development is a key feature in the overall development program for new and improved products. Bringing writers, developers and other key personnel up to speed quickly on the latest developments can be critical to a company’s ability to create communications that help employees understand how to sell, install, maintain and use new products and features as well as teach customers how to easily and effectively set-up and use new and improved products.

In today’s lean workplace, gathering employees from different parts of the organization to go over new features can be an expensive luxury, in both travel costs and productivity. That’s why many companies are turning to elearning programs that enable staff to get up to speed without having to leave their offices, allowing them to stay focused on their day-to-day tasks, saving expenses and taking courses on-demand exactly when information is needed and when work schedules permit.

Planning - Together we will analyze your training objectives and find the solutions that fit your needs. For example, do you need high-fidelity e-learning or performance support? All content needs to be delivered via e-learning. Some content is better suited for classroom or blended training modes.

Story boarding - Placing an emphasis on rapid prototyping, we can quickly generate a functional outline of your content that will ensure your courseware achieves its objectives and lives up to your vision.

Media & asset design and creation - From graphic design to audio voice-over, we have a team of media specialists that can create whatever you need.

Content authoring – Leveraging Smart Builder, our content creation team can quickly build out your high-quality content, and we’ll give you visibility and input along the way.

Usability testing and feedback based re-design – Your e-learning content is only as good as your learner thinks it is, so why not get their feedback? Remote usability testing and iterative design cycles will make your content more effective.

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